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Easy Chuck Video

Easy Chuck

The 4" Easy Chuck, from Easy Wood Tools, is the most innovative woodturning chuck since the introduction of the 4-jaw scroll chuck. The Easy Chuck features a revolutionary Snap-Lock jaw design that eliminates tedious jaw screws allowing you to change jaws in less than 30 seconds! With jaw changes this fast, you don't need to dedicate a chuck body for each of your most-used jaw setups. Simply insert the included hex wrench into the hole located in the jaw and press to unlock the jaw from the slide. To install, slide the jaw into the slide groove. When you hear the snap, the jaw is locked in place and ready to go! Another Easy Wood Tools innovation is the Zoom-Ring that allows you to quickly open and close the jaws with your fingertips. Simply rotate the Zoom-Ring on the chuck body to adjust the jaws until they contact the work piece, then apply final tightening pressure with the included chuck key.
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