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Raptor 8 Inch CBN Steel Sharpening Wheel

Raptor 8 Inch CBN Steel Sharpening Wheel


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    Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheels render traditional aluminum oxide grinding wheels obsolete. Machined from solid steel and electroplated with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive, 8" Raptor® CBN wheels cut fast, stay cool and never require dressing or shaping unlike traditional grinding wheels. And, because they’ll last most woodturners a lifetime, a Raptor® CBN wheel can truly be the last grinding wheel you’ll ever buy which makes it an excellent value!

    Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheels measure 8" in diameter and are available in 3 different grits. The Super Fine (320 grit) wheel produces a finely honed cutting edge with mirror-like polished bevel so you can achieve the very best finishing cut possible. The Fine (180 grit) wheel is the perfect all around sharpening wheel as it is capable of removing material fast yet able to produce an exceptional edge with a light touch. The Medium (80 grit) wheel provides rapid material removal making it ideal for shaping tools. An excellent cutting edge can also be achieved by using a light touch.

    Designed to fit directly onto a 5/8" dia. arbor, Raptor® CBN wheels don’t require the use of an expensive bushing and, unlike some other brands of CBN wheels that require you to remove the protective guards from your bench grinder, Raptor® CBN Sharpening Wheels fit 8" grinders without any type of modification to keep you safe when sharpening.
  • Produces a superbly sharp cutting edge
  • Leaves fine finish on tool bevel
  • Fast, cool cutting action eliminates bluing
  • Requires minimal pressure when grinding
  • Eliminates sparks
  • Wheel never changes shape
  • No dressing or shaping required
  • Machined from solid steel
  • Factory balanced with 1" wide wheel face
  • Bi-directional design
  • Fits 5/8" dia. arbor
  • Recommended operating speed- 1,100 to 2,200 rpm
  • Available in Super Fine (320 grit), Fine(180 grit), Medium(80 grit)
  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Wobbly Wheels?
    If you find that your wheel isn't running true, it is likely due to your grinder's wheel washers. We highly recommend purchasing Raptor Grinding Wheel Washers to fix the problem.

    Grinding non-heat treated steel such as carbon steel, aluminum and other soft metals will cause irreparable damage to the wheel and is not covered under warranty.
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