Pen Making

597 products

    597 products
    Pen making is one of woodturning's most popular activities. Craft Supplies USA offers highly sought after Taiwan-made Artisan® pen kits that are recognized as the finest quality available. These premium kits are frequently combined with exotic woods or acrylic blanks to create collector grade pens.

    Our Apprentice® pen making kits offer woodturners the lowest prices anywhere making pen turning affordable for budget-minded woodturners, students and beginners.

    We also offer a full range of pen making supplies including barrel trimmers for creating a proper fit, precision pen mandrels for making perfectly round pen barrels, and durable pen finishes that are easy to apply.

    We are here to help you learn how to make a pen that you can enjoy every day. All of our pen turning kits and pen making supplies are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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