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Carter and Son M42 HSS Detail Spindle Gouge

Carter and Son M42 HSS Detail Spindle Gouge


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    The 3/8" detail spindle gouge is the same tool as the 3/8" spindle gouge but is supplied with a long point and swept back grind that allows you to make fine detail cuts and access hard to reach areas on all types of work including shallow bowls, boxes, pens and other small projects. It’s also perfect for cutting small detail and decorative lines on larger bowls and platters.

    The 3/8" detail spindle gouge by Carter and Son Toolworks is machined from M42 high speed steel and triple tempered for strength and durability. Every 3/8" detail spindle gouge is guaranteed to be razor sharp and user friendly so you can achieve maximum success.
  • Long cutting point for detail work
  • Works in hard to reach areas
  • Perfect for pens, boxes and small projects
  • Sold Unhandled

  • Specifications:
    Blade measures: 3/8" dia. x 8" overall
    Flute measures: 1/4" x 3"
    Tang size: 3/8" dia.

    M42 high speed steel is considered by many top turners to be the "holy grail" of tool steel for woodturning.  Unlike other types of high speed steel that sacrifice extreme edge retention for the ability to be honed to a keen edge, or vice versa, M42 offers both for optimum performance you can count on.
  • Extreme edge retention
  • Sharpens to a very keen edge
  • Sharp and ready to use straight from the package
  • Made in the USA
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