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Apprentice Collet Chuck 7 Piece Set$119.95
Turners Select Drawbar Collet$13.95
Turners Select Drawbar Collet Chuck$29.95

Collet Chucks from Craft Supplies USA

Collet chucks are arguably the most accurate type of chuck for woodturning. Although they are primarily a project type of chuck, the versatility offered by interchangeable collets and overall precision design makes them run dead true while offering exceptional holding power. Professional pen turners prefer collet chucks for driving their pen mandrel as they run perfectly true while allowing you to adjust the amount of pen mandrel to suit the project at hand. Bottle stoppers, spinning tops, pen making, and many more projects are perfect for a good quality collet chuck. Be sure to check out our Apprentice Collet Chuck that offers premium quality collet chuck performance at a fraction of the price of other brands of collet chuck.