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Pioneer Duck Single Mylar Reed Game Call Kit$2.95
Pioneer Duck Double Mylar Reed Game Call Kit$2.95

Game Calls from Craft Supplies USA

Game call kits are fun to turn and are exciting to use. Imagine calling in game using your own handcrafted call.

Winglock® game call kits are the choice of professional game callers around the world. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, Winglock® calls are hand-turned for unmatched sound quality and consistency to offer unmatched satisfaction.

We also offer other high quality game call kits with metal and plastic reeds for various types of game designed for turning using a standard pen mandrel system. Along with our game call kits, we have an excellent selection of domestic and exotic wood blanks, high quality lanyards and brass accent bands. As always, turning instructions are included with all kits.