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RMWoodCo Modern Longworth Chuck

RMWoodCo Modern Longworth Chuck
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RMWoodCo Modern Longworth Chuck


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    Re-chucking bowls and platters for finishing or light shaping has never been easier. The RMWoodCo™ Modern Longworth Chuck’s self-centering scroll operation quickly adjusts to fit the work and tightening takes only a few seconds. Designed for clamping in a traditional 4-jaw self-centering chuck using standard dovetail jaws, the Modern Longworth Chuck eliminates the time and hassle of removing and remounting chuck jaws required by regular re-chucking jaws.
  • Non-Marking premium red silicone grippers provide pliable yet firm gripping power
  • Precision cut, premium 1/4" thick phenolic plates provide ultimate performance and reliability
  • Chuck adapter plates are produced from high carbon tool steel for exceptional strength and stability
  • Interchangeable precision axle system allows you to change the chuck’s interface plate to fit your desired jaw size
  • Chucks supplied with 2-1/4" chuck adapter for use with #2 jaws unless otherwise noted
  • 20" Chuck supplied with 4-1/4" chuck adapter for use with #3 jaws
  • 600 RPM maximum
  • Standard 4-jaw scroll chuck required for use
  • Chuck size indicates the minimum lathe swing for which it is intended
  • Maximum external gripping capacity is approximately 2" smaller than chuck diameter
  • Made in USA

    Note: Will not work with any Oneway profiled jaw set.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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The only way to go!

Comments On May 05, 2020:I really like the Modern Longworth Chuck! It's a great timesaver and a well built unit. So much easier and quicker than changing out the Cole Jaws I have been using on my 4 jaw chuck. Great quality unit and you can't go wrong here.

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Good product, extra benefit

Comments On Dec 13, 2016:I have used this several times to finish the bottoms of bowls and it worked just fine. I also use it to center segmented rings when gluing section to section, a really nice "unintended consequence". So it is a great product, high quality components, well worth the money to me.

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RMWoodco Longworth Chuck

Comments On Nov 12, 2015:I bought this chuck after my shop made Longworth finally died after using it for 10 years. The RMWoodco unit is very precise and has a metal center hub for grabbing with your chucks jaws... this makes it very easy to install and un-install.... saves time vs the plate design of my shop made unit.
In summary this unit is a nice upgrade for me
I give this a 5 star rating

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Difficult to re-chuck

Comments On Feb 03, 2015:Works well when finishing off a bowl bottom but if you have to re-chuck and the bowl has a moderate diameter it's very time consuming to get it centered. You have to tighten opposing posts small amounts at a time and if you're using the knurled nuts, you can't get them tight enough to keep the bowl in place. I prefer the cheaper, easier to use and more secure Cole jaws.

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Sure beats the cole chuck!!

Comments On Jan 27, 2015:Received my Longworth chuck this morning. I had four bowls that needed finishing off on the bottoms. First thing I did was to read instructions, check it for all parts, & then watch that accompanying CD. I went back out to the shop and swapped out the knurled nuts for the wing nuts (also supplied). I then chucked up a 12" fruit bowl (piece of cake). Finished off the bottom, sanded & applied finish. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! I then did three more bowls. I had a Cole jaw several years ago, but wasn't happy with them. I fully recommend the Longworth chuck to anyone from beginner to professional wood turner.

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12" Longworth Chuck

Comments On May 18, 2014:Great for finishing off bases, and touch-ups after removing tenon.

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Longworth Chuck System

Comments On Nov 25, 2013:I receive mine today and give a trey super I love this chuck, for use in center my segmented ring. Well built. I recommend this chuck.

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Great for bowl tenons after using a Kelton to core

Comments On Aug 28, 2013:1. You should look at the instructional videos from RMWood. 2. You need to use this chuck in-line with a tailstock. It can not be used for outboard turning. On my Nova 1624 I use the 16" chuck. Reason: the chuck is mostly supporting and lightly gripping the edges. In case the bowl shifts out of the chuck you want something else to constrain the bowl. If I don't have the tailstock supporting the foot of the bowl then I have the tool rest almost tight to the foot. I also got two of the ring sets to help support edges that aren't square.
I use this chuck to: a. Make the tenons on bowl blanks I have cored with my Kelton coring tools. I never can get jamb chucking to work for me. b. Finishing the foot of a bowl. If you have oiled the bowl, or it is light colored wood, you might want to put plastic wrap or a clean rag on the edge to protect against the bumpers leaving a mark. They aren't supposed to leave a mark according to RM but it has happened to me. To tighten the bumpers, and save my fingers, I use a push drill. A single push alternating bumpers the first time. Then a single push on every one until they are tight. This saves me counting 4 turns of the wing nut. To loosen the bumpers I use a drill since I am not trying to slowly apply equal pressure all around.

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16" Longworth Chuck

Comments On Oct 24, 2012:I had some difficulty with the chuck at first, but I was referred to RMWood and received excellent support. I've used the chuck on a number of bowls for turning a more professional bottom than sanding off a nub and this chuck worked great.
If you don't turn daily and/or have only one lathe, this chuck is a quick change-over at a much lower price than a vacuum chuck. And because of the way it adjusts, it only takes a minute or two to set the bowl in place, without centering with a tailstock even. I would recommend this chuck for a small shop.

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