Spindle Roughing Gouge Safety

A spindle roughing gouge flute and bevel.

Spindle Roughing Gouges are designed to take square spindle stock down to round and should never be used for roughing bowls. Using a roughing gouge to rough turn a bowl blank may result in a serious catch that may break the tang of the tool and result in serious injury. As always, wear a full-face shield when operating the lathe.

Proper Use

A Roughing Gouge should be used with the cutting edge slightly above the centerline of the work with the tool handle held 2 to 3 inches below center of the spindle. The toolrest should be positioned approximately 1/2″ away from the work and should be adjusted as needed to maintain a safe working distance over the tool rest. Always keep the tool rest within 3/4″ of the work piece. Do Not Over Reach.

Safe turning practices are not limited to the recommendations listed above. It is your responsibility to become properly trained and educated prior to attempting woodturning.

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