Features of Our New Website



We've redesigned our website to make your shopping experience better than ever. In this video, Mike will walk you through a few of his favorite features.


  • Dan Stromberg

    Please bring back the order history and wishlist information. That made a huge difference in the usefulness of the website!

  • clarence


  • Smokey Sturtevant

    Not exactly thrilled with the new site. I noticed that ~$45.00 rewards dollars has disappeared with the new site. Along with all my order history. That part sure sucks.
    Oh well, another case of “Hey it isn’t broken! Let’s break it!” And you have done a fine job of that.
    I have been dealing with Craft Supplies since before Mike was in diapers. Going to be a shame to have to find
    someplace new. But I know that CS isn’t in business to keep long time customers…… It wants MORE customers. Sigh.

  • Frank Smith

    This new website sucks

  • Rich Chaddock

    You lost my order, why fix what was not broken. Took me a while to figure out I was not being scammed. Where is my order history. Sorry free shipping or not, you lost my business. Happy for your redesign and hope it works out for you bit for time to move elsewhere. Cheers

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