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We've redesigned our website to make your shopping experience better than ever. In this video, Mike will walk you through a few of his favorite features.


  • Anita Switzer

    I’m not really thrilled. Loss of order history and the items in my cart is a PIA. The system also reset my mailing address to a previous one. Did shop pay replace rewards points?

    I just logged in. Not only did I get an email, I got a text from shop pay. The code numbers WERE NOT the same.

  • Bruce Morgan

    What a disaster. Unable to log in even after entering an authentication code a half-dozen times. I know my order history and favorite have also been lost and I have to ask why? What genius decided to dump a functioning shopping cart for one that is loaded with bugs? If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!!!!

  • Kevin Mahon

    I too have lost everything in my order history, wish list and cart that I have been adding things to for several weeks. Now I have to try to remember everything that was in there. The next time the powers that be come up with another “good idea”, please, please, please, somebody tell them “don’t fix it if it don’t need fix’n!!!”. Day # 1: after cutting through all of the red tape, I was able to access my account and start re-adding items to the cart. Day # 2: Enter email – done, am I human – Check – continue. That’s when all hell broke loose!!! I was redirected back to email, etc. It did this so many times that I am now locked out and can’t get in. NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!!!

  • Dennis Duncan

    I placed an order, and it went through on my charge card, but I don’t see my order when I returned to the site it says no orders. I didn’t see any how to contact someone other than the leave a comment here. No I am worried that my card might have been hacked. I this site secure. I was clicking on pin blanks and at one time it took me to another site that sells blanks.

  • Peter Behlen

    Nice site, but please don’t make us go through hoops to sign in! Other sites that do this end up with glitches that don’t let me in so I have to drop them. I sure don’t want to do that with Craft Supplies.

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