Tried and True Finishes

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Here at Craft Supplies USA, we are able to try most finishes out there. Tried and True finishes are a favorite and we’re sure they will be for you too.

Danish Oil

This premium oil finish is made using a 19th-century recipe that complies with FDA requirements to be non-toxic and food safe. Completely free of solvents and metallic driers, Tried and True Danish Oil is perfect for salad bowls, serving platters, butcher blocks, children’s toys, and anything else that you want to be food safe.

Danish Oil is made of pure polymerized linseed oil that penetrates deep and builds to a durable, satin finish. With 2 or 3 coats for most applications, you can have a deep rich food-safe finish that makes your work look it’s very best.

Original Wood Finish

Original Wood Finish is a superior blend of polymerized linseed oil & beeswax that’s ideal for use on almost any type of woodwork. It’s easy to apply and provides excellent protection against water and liquids. Original Wood Finish is an excellent choice for use on kitchenware, salad or serving bowls, wooden utensils, and toys. The warm antique sheen enhances the natural wood figure and makes your work beg to be held.

Varnish Oil

The perfect blend of highly refined polymerized linseed oil and natural pine resin makes Tried and True Varnish Oil an ideal choice when a medium sheen finish that’s non-toxic and food-safe is desired.

Varnish oil penetrates deep into the wood and can be built-up using several coats for a beautiful, tough finish that’s easy to touch up if needed. Easy to apply and able to be buffed to a high gloss finish, Varnish Oil becomes harder and more durable with age.


1 comment

  • Dr. Don Cutler

    This is some of the best finish I have used in fifteen years of turning. I highly recommend it.

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