Turning a Pepper Mill


 Mike turns a Deluxe Pepper Mill from start to finish. He explains what wood to use, how to drill the mill and turn to shape, and shares his tips for finishing. He also shows how to dye the wood for the best look and then explains the process of assembling the pepper or salt mill.


Products Used:

Deluxe Pepper Mill

Deluxe Salt Mill

Keyless Drill Chuck

1-5/8 Forstner Drill bit

1-1/16 Forstner Drill bit

9/32" Drill Bit

Drill Bit Extender

Spindle Roughing Gouge

Skew Chisel

Spindle Gouge

Narrow Parting Tool


Tiger Stripe Maple Blank

Turning Tools

Sanding discs

Vicmarc Chucks & Jaws

Mirlon Abrasives

Artisan Premium Dyes

Dr. Kirk's Scratch Freee

Dr. Kirk's GOAT Wax

Tried & True Varnish Oil


  • Dale T Prescott

    Outstanding job on that pepper mill, I got a lot out of it. I live making pepper mills all kinds of shapes. So far I haven’t gotten the turner point, now I’ll get one.😁 Thanks Mike

  • Roger Dirkx.

    I enjoyed this turning very much. It’s interesting and fun watching you turn. Thanks for your expertise. Lots of steps in this project.

  • Charles (Tim) Reicks

    Fantastic job. Did you reverse sand the top section like you did the lower? Thanks Tim

  • John Woods

    Writing from New zealand, couple lazy hours atching this. very grateful, thanks. Loved your concise precision, mate, especially in getting radius curves right, highly instructional and helpful, think i’m almost ready to attack the peppermill kit I bought 2 years ago but never felt bold enough to make it.

  • David Martindale

    Because there is a lot of steps and time invested, what would you sell the set for?
    And what are the cost for the kits? Drill bit costs, sand paper, finish cloth and finishes?

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