Turning a Utility Box 2.0


Mike Nish expands on the popular project of the Utility Box with a new version - the Utility Box 2.0. Every aspect of the original Utility Box is reimagined and refined, taking this from a beginner project to an intermediate one for a larger and more ornate box. He shows in detail each step of the turning process: turning the box outside and inside, shaping the lid for a perfect fit, turning decorative beads, inlaying a knob turned from a different species of wood, and applying a finish to the piece.

Product Used:

Coin Box Blank 

3-in-1 Screw Center Chuck

1/2" Bowl Gouge

1/2" Skew Chisel

VM120 Chuck

Extra Heavy Box Scraper

Dr. Kirk's Scratch Freee

2" Sanding Disc Holder

Deerfos Abrasive Discs

3/16" Easy Wood Tools Beading Cutter

3/8" Spindle Gouge

Extended Dovetail Jaws

Narrow Parting Tool

Thick CA Glue

Tried & True Varnish Oil

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