Woodturning 101 - Video 4 - How to Sharpen

Do you struggle to get sharp, properly shaped tools when you sharpen? You’re not alone, most woodturners do. Having sharp tools is critical to overall success, ease of cutting, and increased enjoyment.

In this video, Kirk DeHeer will take you step-by-step through the process of shaping and sharpening tools so that your tools cut cleaner, leave a better finish, and reduce the time needed for sanding. All without the frustration and reduced tool life that comes with free-hand sharpening. He will also show you how to re-shape your tools to the correct profile with a simple trick or two.

In our Dale L. Nish Workshop program, we teach students how to create perfectly ground tools using the Oneway Wolverine Sharpening System with Vari-Grind jig in combination with Raptor Set-Up Tools. Together, they offer woodturners simplicity, repeatability, and superior results overall. When you’re done watching this video, you’ll know how to properly sharpen your tools so they are razor-sharp and ready to help you reach your full potential as a woodturner.

Sharpening Supplies

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