Woodturning 201 Video 4 - Bowl Coring with the Oneway Easy Core

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In this demo, Resident Instructor Kirk DeHeer uses the Oneway Easy Core system to core several bowl blanks from one large blank. He covers how to set it up as well as how to use each knife set to core several different sized bowls.

Why should you core bowls?

Coring bowls offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to make the most out of your wood blanks, reducing waste and maximizing your resources. Secondly, it enables you to create multiple bowls with consistent grain patterns and matching sets. Lastly, coring bowls can be a time-saving technique, as it allows you to produce several bowls in a shorter amount of time compared to turning each bowl individually.

1 comment

  • Jerry Haynes

    I enjoyed the video and learned a few things. I have a PM2014, so not big enough yet but plan on investing in a PM2035C soon. Looking forward to putting this info to use soon.

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