Turning a Partially Seasoned Bowl

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Learn how to turn a bowl from wood that is not quite dry, but isn't so wet that it needs to dry for months. Mike shows how to rough out a partially seasoned walnut blank, dry it in a matter of weeks, then turns a bowl from start to finish.

Products Used in the Video:

3-in-1 Screw Chuck

Spindle & Bowl Gouges

Outside Caliper

Skew Chisel

Vicmarc VM120 Chuck

Thin CA Glue

Aerosol Activator

Sanding Discs

Extra Heavy Full Round Scraper

Longworth Chuck

Friction Polish

Scratch FREEE Polishing Wax

Tried and True Varnish Oil

Mylands Clear Wax Polish

1 comment

  • Jack

    In another video you used Yorkshire Grit and Scratch Free to finish a maple bowl, and I think you said your final finish is often waterlox since it provides a food safe finish. I think you also recommended avoiding Scratch Free on darker woods since it may get stuck in the grain patterns. After watching this video, I’m a little confused on what the best finish is for the figured darker woods that might have food contact.
    Thanks, Jack

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